Buff Original True Timber Viper Snow SS23 #BF122462000

BUFF® Original True Timber™ viper snow (BU 122462.000.10.00) – All-season BUFF® from the BUFF® Original series. From the licensed BUFF® series, with original design from True Timber™

The legendary BUFF® Original series has not changed fundamentally since its inception in 1992. And now, 25 years later, a revolutionary rebirth occurred:

Absolutely new stretch material that stretches perfectly in 4 directions "+50% width / ∞ length"
Now Original buffs with UPF50+ sun protection
Made from 95% recycled materials
Narrower cut, better fit around the neck and no droop
More amazing prints and vibrant colors
What is a modern Buff - a comfortable, stylish and irreplaceable thing that has long become a household name and a must-have item among outdoor enthusiasts depending on the type of activity!

Due to its moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, BAFF® can be described as thermal underwear for the head. It is an elastic seamless stocking that takes on various forms: hat, balaclava, scarf, headscarf, mask, etc. Made of elastic microfiber - lightweight, incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch material, does not cause skin irritation and is resistant to unpleasant odors. The material stretches perfectly in 4 directions, tightly fitting the neck or head without hindering movement.

BAFF® is ideal for many activities. Protects from moisture, wind, dust, poplar fluff and other manifestations of the elements, creates a feeling of comfort in the most extreme weather conditions.
Antibacterial impregnation Polygiene® based on silver ions prevents the growth of bacteria and, as a result, prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
A huge number of colors allows everyone to choose their own personal BAFF®; the range includes more than 1000 models.
There are at least 12 main ways to wear it - hat, scarf, balaclava, pirate jacket, bandana, wristband, balaclava, dust mask, scarf, hair band, top (bandeau) and many others - depending on your imagination.
One size fits most adults and teens.
Excellent stretch, dries very quickly, does not shrink after washing

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    Buff Original True Timber Viper Snow SS23 #BF122462000

    90.48 AED 90.48 AED 90.48 AED

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