Campfire kettle 1.5 L #BKSW-6

This vertical kettle can be used on direct fire such as wood stoves and burners.
Camping Moon is manufactured by our company, and we pay great attention to molding a single piece of stainless steel body and stainless steel molding and welding quality has been greatly improved than ordinary products.
It has a full capacity of 0.6 gal (1.8 L), so it is easy to hold even if you fill it with plenty of water. It can boil water for multiple people at once, so it is useful for camping. In addition, the height of the main unit is recommended for bonfires. The long handle makes it easy to grip and the distance from the flame, making it difficult to get hot. The spout has a lid that prevents the ash from entering when used on a bonfire.
Molding thick stainless steel plates in a deep shape gives more friction and load to the material compared to thin plates. In that way, there is no residual welding marks on common welding molds, and can be used on direct flames without worrying about heat distortion.
There will be traces on the corners of the main body where it is most loaded. However, it does not affect the functionality and safety of the cookware. Please enjoy the taste of difficult molding and rugged gear.

Set Weight: Approx. 20.5 oz (570
External dimensions: approx. φ5.7 x 8.3 inches (145 x 210 mm)
Material: 304 stainless steel
Full Capacity: 0.6 gal (1.86 L) (scale up to 1.5 L)
Features: Made of lightweight aluminum with excellent heat transfer Treated with a hard anodized coating for corrosion resistance
Stainless black treated kettle Color produced using titanium oxide film that is not painted or plated
It is processed to dispose of titanium oxide film using plasma escape, and does not use fluorine or chromium, making it blackened with consideration for the environment and safety (fluorine and hexavalent chrome are a material that is strictly managed by EU ROHS and REACH regulations. )

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    Campfire kettle 1.5 L #BKSW-6

    114.29 AED 114.29 AED 114.29 AED

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